Gianna Mabulay

My name is Gianna Mabulay and I’m a 4 year member of this speech team; this is my second year serving as Captain. I’ve committed to Prose Reading for the past four years because of my passion for storytelling and entertaining others. My junior year, I experimented with Humorous Duet Acting and took my love for entertainment even further, qualifying for State in this category with my partner. I value instilling strong, effective communication skills to this team and watching these members grow more confident with their voice.

Now, for more information about me as a person and less of a Speechie! If you ever see me walking in the hallways of MV or a speech tournament with an airpod in, nine out of ten times I’m listening to Taylor Swift. I love music and concerts, specifically all things Taylor Swift related, but some of my other favorite artists are Role Model and The Backseat Lovers. Aside from that, I’m an athlete at Metea Valley, running cross country in the fall and track through winter and spring.

Please reach out to me with any questions regarding speech and I’d be happy to help you out!